Varsha M K

2 months ago

I don't have certain coursework like MATH, PHY, CHEM, or COMP in neuroscience in India. How can I do these courses because I want to apply for a transfer.

I am planning to apply for a transfer, what to do if I am aiming for the Ivy league or MIT for BS in neuroscience? #neuroscience #SAT #TOEFL #MIT #Stanford #UWA


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Arjun Aravind P M

2 months ago

Hi Varsha, the general undergraduate admissions for MIT is pretty much similar. You need to have some course requirements like courses, test scores, extracurriculars etc. You must take the SATs (1500 out of 1600) and TOEFL (90+) and also score really well in your school level exams (the closer it is to 90%+, the better). According to MIT: Students who are well matched with MIT take the following c... See more

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