Sushant Pawar

13 days ago

How is the technical job market in Dublin, Ireland for international students?

Ireland seems to be popular among international students for abroad studies. But what about the future job opportunities? I would like to know about the technical job market in Dublin for international students. Please provide details on average salaries and technical job prospects in Dublin Ireland for international students. #Ireland

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Shafiq Reshid Mentor_tag

8 days ago

Hi Pawar, There are loads and loads of techniacal job opportunities for graduates in Ireland. It doesn't matter if you have experience or fresher, you can definitely find a suitable role for you. The opportunities are more but at the same time, the competitions for those are a lot. Average : €3,127 Range : €900 - €11,656 How much does a Graduate make? The national average salary for a Graduate is... See more