Dinesh Kumar

15 days ago

Hi, kindly suggest me which universities I should target with following profile.

BT-MT(DUAL) from IIT Kanpur
Btech CGPA:-6.3
Mtech CGPA:-8.4
Thesis:- Vanadium Dioxide insulator-metal transition-based PhaseFET including multi-domain model
2 years work experience as VLSI Hardware Engineer.
PS. What are my chances getting an admit from TAMU since its my target. #masters

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

9 days ago

Hi Dinesh Since you are from IIT's, You can Say that TAMU is Your Target University as Your CGPA and GRE Score is good enough but you gotta be Ready for questioning from Visa officer for main Reason of Double masters , which you might get Rejected for showing your intent to be an immigrant. See more