Abhay Surana

a month ago

Hey guys

Im looking for universities who does not consider backlogs and can except on the basis of Ielts Or Duolingo and no other course like GRE or GMAT I am looking for 2023 Jan intake And the preference country is USA Canada and the third preference is UK also suggest me some good public colleges or universities in the first two preferred country

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Arjun Aravind

a month ago

Hi Abhay, almost every uni will consider backlogs because they are a mark on your academics, but this is nothing that can't be overcome with a good SOP explaining the reasons for backlogs. Whether or not the unis are accepting GRE is dependent on the uni and the program so you need to check with the university website individually. Here are some unis that accept students with upto 5-15 backlogs: h See more