Shivam Kadam

15 days ago

Hello Folks I have Planned my GRE ON 30 July with Quant Practice and all concepts are done but Vocab I have not done anything could anyone suggest me some tips for vocab to do in just one month so that I can get good mrk

I have not done much of Vocab and I have my gre the next month perfectly 30 days what should I do of Vocab so that I can get good marks within these 30 days

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A D Mentor_tag

11 hours ago

Hi, Since you are 30 days away, I would recommend magoosh vocab cards for final revision and practice as many full-length timed tests as possible. note that no matter how difficult or easy the question is, it only carries a mark. So, practice topics that you are good at rather than what you are not good at. Here are some general tips for GRE - Note - From my personal experience - Give as many fu... See more