25 days ago

GRE - 317, IELTS - 8.0, B.E. 80.5%, 4 Years Work Exp. Applying to Fall 2023. Which universities should i aim for?


GRE - 317 (Q:165 V:152)
B.E Instrumentation and Control (Percentage - 80.5%)

4 Years work experience
1 year at KPMG as analyst
1 year at a startup as General Manager
2 years of my own technology startup as founder

I will be applying to fall 2023, for computer engineering and electrical and computer engineering.

Which universities should i aim for in USA and Canada?

I am also thinking about reappearing for GRE. Or is this score sufficient to get a decent admit?

Thank you in advance!


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Harshit Rajpal

25 days ago

Go for Purdue

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Aditya Alladi Mentor_tag

25 days ago

Hello there K, I have shortlisted some of the universities for you for MS in Computer Engineering categorized into three sections ( Ambitious, Target, and Safe Universities) Ambitious: 1) New York University 2) University of Florida 3) University of California, Irvine 4) North Carolina State University, Raleigh Target: 1. Case Western Reserve University 2. Arizona State University 3 The Geor... See more

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Ravikumar Gattu

25 days ago

Your profile is too good...No need to write GRE ...You will get top universities ...Try to apply as ASAP so that you can avail Scholarship as well. See more