Akarsh M


20 days ago

Anyone in need help with SOP and Resume, ping me

Unique SOP For Technical/MS only
1 SOP - 100/- up to 5 re-edits until you are satisfied
will give you each edit within 48 hours.

1 resume - 100/- editable template will be provided with a completely developed resume, which Will be received in 3 days.

How can you trust me?
I will send you an SOP Sample of mine and an SOP made by a consultancy that costs more than 100/-, then you can decide.

Pay me 50/- before the work and another 50/- after the work.

Why am I charging?
because I believe my unique writing is worth some money. #masters #ms #sop #resume #help #statement #statementofpurpouse #studyabroad #unique

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Deydivya Chamala

16 days ago

Yayyyy i need it