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Should You Retake GMAT? Learn About the GMAT Retake Policy & Strategy

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Is Retaking GMAT Worth It?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, popularly known as GMAT, is an entrance exam for pursuing MBA programs globally. Each year thousands of aspirants attempt GMAT from different parts of the world to ensure admission to a good college. Since the exam is extremely competitive, many times, aspirants fail to meet the requisite score needed to make it to their dream college. And thus, they start to think about GMAT online retake or retake the exam offline. This article is an attempt to address all the concerns of aspirants who are thinking about a good GMAT retake strategy.

Can you Retake the GMAT?

Yes. As an aspirant who has already appeared for the GMAT exam once, you are allowed to retake GMAT online or otherwise. However, there is a fixed GMAT retake policy in place. Also, other conditions that must be fulfilled in order for you to retake GMAT.

Let us learn about them, one by one -

What Are the Conditions Required to Retake GMAT?

A number of conditions exist for an aspirant to retake GMAT. First, and foremost amongst them are the number of times GMAT can be re-attempted.

How Many Times Can You Take the GMAT?

As per the GMAT retake policy, there is no limit as such for you to retake GMAT online or otherwise. However, when it comes to GMAT in general, you can attempt it 5 times a year and 8 attempts in a lifetime. So this is valid for retaking GMAT.

So basically, if the question of how many times can you give GMAT perplexes you, just know that you can appear for it 5 times a year, and 8 times in a lifetime.

Let’s understand this concept more -

Assume that you’re an aspirant who appeared for GMAT twice this year. And since your GMAT score and result wasn’t as expected, you are planning to appear for GMAT next year as well.  In such a case, you are left with 6 more GMAT retake attempts in your lifetime, 5 out of which can be done in one year itself.

Retaking GMAT Online

As of September 23rd, 2020 - GMAT can be attempted online for aspirants. This means you can go for GMAT online retake from the comfort of your home.  As of now, you have a maximum of 2 online attempts for GMAT. So if you are willing to retake GMAT, make sure you don’t waste your attempt.

Now let us discuss the rest of the factors for reattempting GMAT -

What Factors Must You Consider Before Retaking GMAT?

The following factors must be considered for retaking GMAT -

  1. Apply for GMAT again only after you have improvised on all your weak areas from last time.

  2. Plan a GMAT retake strategy where you have more time to prepare for the exam than your previous attempt.

  3. You can retake GMAT only after waiting at least 16 calendar days after your last attempt.

  4. Analyse your GMAT score and result from your previous attempt/attempts and ensure that you scale up next time.


Previous GMAT score of 600 implies that you have a lot of scope of improvisation as you retake the exam.

Previous GMAT score between 600 and 700 implies that you can scale your result significantly if you opt for the correct preparation strategy for your next attempt.

Previous GMAT score above 700 implies that not much will change in your next attempt because the score achieved in the previous attempt was anyways decent. What you can do however is to systematically pinpoint your problem areas and improve them greatly.

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You must have realised till now that preparation plays a key role in shaping your GMAT scores. Let us dwell into this aspect deeply -

What is a Good GMAT Retake Strategy for your Next Attempt?

  • Strategy 1: Target score preparation method

If you are targeting to retake the GMAT exam then make sure that you analyze the score gap. Make sure you analyze how much difference in marks you have between your targeted marks and the ones which you have achieved.

The difference in number is the amount of hard work which you need to put in your preparation for your next attempt. This will help you to plan for your choosing of the next exam date as well.

  • Strategy 2: Area wise focused preparation

Once you are mentally prepared to dedicate yourself to working hard for your next GMAT attempt, analyse your performance report. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as an aspirant.

By staying objective about both your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to devote time to specific areas and not get back to a strategy that didn’t work in the first place.

  • Strategy 3: Timesheet preparation method

Before creating your timesheet, you need to be clear about the time you have to prepare for your next attempt, the weaker areas wherein you need to focus more, and the difference of marks which you need to cover to achieve your targeted score.

Once you have sorted all these things out, create a detailed timesheet or timetable by allotting the time to each section for your preparation. This will help you balance out sections.

  • Strategy 4: Track your progress method

Even though consistency is a key to reaching your goal, it is not ‘the’ key. You need to make sure that your consistency is productive and is not just a namesake. To track your improvement and hard work, remember to take mock tests and practice questions on a regular basis.

For instance, on the third day of every week’s preparation, you can take up mock tests of your verbal section while on the sixth day of that particular week, you can take up practice of your verbal section. The regular mock tests and practice will help you to maintain your focus on the weaker sections.

  • Strategy 5: Daily debrief

Self evaluate your progress daily. Make sure everything you planned to reach your goal this time is working in your favour.

If you are somebody who has constantly struggled with the question of, “how many times can you take the GMAT” just know this - It is never too late to retry. The fact that you are allowed to retake GMAT is a boon. Now all you have to make sure is to prepare methodically and even opt for quality GMAT coaching from some of the best institutes in India. The day you decide to retake GMAT, ensure that you will make your attempt count.

Best wishes!

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