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GRE Score Report: Know How to Check GRE Score Report & Download GRE Score Report

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GRE Score Report: Know How to Check GRE Score Report & Download GRE Score Report Image

GRE report is a significant component that graduate school admissions employees evaluate; these scores are usually the defining factor in shortlisting business schools abroad. GRE score report is valid for 5 years, which means that ETS will keep the student’s score report on file for 5 years from the GRE test date. A score of the GRE should not be compared as each section is scaled separately. However, international students may use the percentile ranks revealed on their score report to compare their qualified performance among the sections.

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GRE official score report carries the test dates, the GRE test scores and the related percentile ranks. Also, the GRE score reports sent to institutions will not comprise any information about the other score recipients you have chosen. Furthermore, institution score reports contain only the scores that you nominated to send to them using the ScoreSelect option. So, in this article, we will discuss GRE score report, how to download GRE score report, GRE score card sample & much more.

  Table of Contents:

  1. What is GRE Score Report?
  2. How to Check GRE Score?
  3. How to Get Original GRE Scorecard?
  4. What is the GRE General Test Fee?
  5. How Long is the GRE Score Valid?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Score Report

What is GRE Score Report?

GRE report card is an official document generated within 10 to 12 days of taking the exam. It contains scores of three sections: Quant, Verbal, and Analytical Writing. Once acknowledged, the score is delivered to the 4 universities right after the accomplishment of the exam. The GRE score report cost of delivering the score comprises the GRE registration fee of $213.

There are 2 types of GRE score report:

  1. One is for the test-taker (Students)
  2. Other is for the institution

GRE official score report consist of:

  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Contact Information
  • Test date(s)
  • Intended graduate major
  • Detailed GRE test score: score of GRE Verbal, GRE Quant, and GRE Analytical Writing along with GRE score percentiles.
  • Authorized score recipients or fellowship sponsors and the scores reported to those institutions

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How to Check GRE Score? 

You can easily check your GRE score through the ETS website. The scores are usually available within 10-12 days of you giving the exam. Also, ETS notifies every candidate about the availability of the GRE scores through an email. Note that GRE scores are only accessible through your ETS account.  

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How to Get Original GRE Scorecard?

To download the GRE score report, international students can log in to their ETS account and get the GRE report card within 5 weeks of taking the test. Students will get a notification mentioning ETS has received the scores, and also, they have delivered the score to the selected universities.

After finishing GRE general test, the students will get 2 options: Report GRE score and Cancel GRE score report. If they click on the “Report” choice, they can view the Unofficial GRE score Report, which comprises the score GRE quant and verbal. As GRE essay scoring is a thorough and time-taken process, the Analytical writing assessment score cannot be perceived in the unofficial GRE score reports. On the other side, if the student chooses to cancel the GRE score report, they will have to do it for all the sections. The universities or the GRE score receivers will accept the score only if the students click on the “Report” option. On snapping “Cancel”, neither the students nor the recipients will receive the GRE score.

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GRE Score Card Sample

Below, we have attached a GRE scorecard sample to get a clear view of the GRE scorecard and all the other details mentioned in the GRE report card.

What is the GRE General Test Fee?

Based on your place, starting July 1, 2020, you’ll have to pay between $205 and $255 to register for the GRE. There are other GRE fees like GRE cancellation fees, GRE late registration fees, GRE reschedule fees, GRE score reports cost, and score reinstatement fees. Below we have tabulated the GRE fees for different countries and other details.

Country-Wise GRE Exam Fee:


GRE Exam Fee for GRE General Test











Service Fee for GRE Scoring Service

The cost fee for GRE scoring services is listed below:



Verbal & Quant sections Q&A review service (New York State residents only)


Score Review for Analytical Writing measure


Additional Score Reports (ASR) (cost per report)


Score Reinstatement Fee


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How Long is the GRE Score Valid?

GRE score report is applicable for 5 years. International students can use the official GRE score report within 5 years of their test date. For example, tests taken on 4th May 2022 then it is valid through 5th May 2026. After 5 years, even the printed sheet of the official GRE score report will be measured as an invalid or fake GRE score report.

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Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Score Report

Ques. What is the validity of a GRE score measured by universities in the US and Canada?

Ans. The GRE scores are applicable for 5 years by most universities or colleges.

Ques. Is online GRE valid for 5 years?

Ans. Yes, your GRE scores for the General are valid for 5 years from your test date.

Ques. How long is the GRE test?

Ans. GRE test takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes to finish the test without breaks.

Ques. Can I re-take or cancel my GRE exam?

Ans. Yes. you can retake or cancel your GRE Exam.

Ques. How many GRE practice tests should I take?

Ans. Students are highly recommended to solve as many GRE practice papers as conceivable. Students can also visit the official GRE website for paid and unpaid GRE sample papers.

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