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GRE Exam Eligibility 2022: GRE Age Limit, Qualification, Work Experience, Documents Required & More

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GRE Exam Eligibility 2022: GRE Age Limit, Qualification, Work Experience, Documents Required & More Image

Before you write the GRE exam, did you first check the GRE eligibility criteria?. For students to write this popular exam, there is a GRE exam eligibility checklist that should be catered. GRE exam is one of the highest written exams, especially for students who wish to pursue their education in the business stream. 

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While you’re aware of what the exam is and what you can expect from the syllabus, it is important to first identify whether you fit the listed GRE exam eligibility criteria. To make this simple for you, this blog has broken down the required GRE eligibility list into categories for your better understanding. 

  Table Of Contents:

  1. Academic Qualification for GRE Exam
  2. What is the Age Limit for GRE Exam?
  3. Is Work Experience Required for GRE Exam?
  4. GRE At Home Exam Eligibility
  5. Documents Required For GRE Eligibility
  6. GRE Exam Eligibility For Disabled Students
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Exam Eligibility

Academic Qualification for GRE Exam

What are the GRE qualification requirements?

There aren’t any set GRE qualification requirements for students. However, it is ideal if students have acquired their undergraduate degree when applying for the GRE exam. 

What is the Age Limit for GRE Exam?

Is there any GRE age limit?

No, there isn’t any GRE age limit since no information or specific requirements are stated about the age. Students who write the GRE exam ideally do it when they wish to pursue their further education globally which in this case is graduate studies. 

Students who are above 18 years of age are found to apply to this exam more often. Similarly, students who are below 18 years should have a written permission copy from their legal guardian or parent to write the exam. 

When is the best time to take GRE exam?

Is Work Experience Required for GRE Exam?

Does a work experience requirement fall under the GRE eligibility criteria?

There isn’t a mandatory requirement for students to have work experience. However, work experience can add better value to your application and give you admission to your dream university. Thus it is always great to have an additional document in hand like your work experience, especially for GRE eligibility for Indian students. 

GRE At Home Exam Eligibility

The convenience of the GRE exam is students also have the option to write this exam in the comfort of their homes. This exam availability is present at any time of the week without any time restrictions. 

However, to write the exam at home, there are certain GRE exam eligibility criterias that need to be met. We have covered a few:

  • Students can only use a desktop or laptop computer
  • Only one monitor can be used
  • Students cannot use any headphones, etc
  • Internal and external communication should be done via speaker
  • Students should be alone in a room especially a private space without any interference
  • Keep your equipment on a table
  • Position yourself where the proctor can see you directly
  • Taking notes on a separate sheet of paper is not allowed
  • Erase all extra notes and show the same to the proctor
  • Avoid wearing jewellery, masks, etc
  • The camera used should provide a complete view of the location you’re in, etc

Documents Required For GRE Eligibility

To successfully enroll for the GRE entrance exam eligibility, there are certain documents that should be submitted. Here is an overview of the same:

  • Valid ID: Passports are the highly considered identity proof accepted. However, from 2021, Indian students can also show their Aadhar card as a valid identity proof document. 
  • Educational qualifications (undergraduate degree)

GRE Exam Eligibility For Disabled Students

The GRE exam doesn’t limit which student can write the exam. There is an opportunity for disabled students to also write this exam. Students with a disability should complete a Testing accommodations request form which should then be sent to the ETS Disability services. 

The accommodations are extended test time, breaks in between tests, assistance during the exam, etc. 

Students here should also submit a document list. Here is an overview of the same:

  • State the disability you are going through
  • Provide educational, developmental and medical history of the students
  • Mention a list of all test equipment
  • List the limitations of a student due to the disability when they write the exam, etc

Note: To successfully pass in the GRE exam, there are multiple sample papers, free resources available to help you get started. There are also GRE preparation apps that make the process simpler no matter the location you’re in. In case you require further assistance, it is always better to invest in online GRE coaching or popular GRE coaching institutes in your area as they are experts on how to train and pass students for this exam. 

GRE scores can make an impact on your abroad study admission application. Thus to ensure that everything is smooth sailing, ticking all the requirements is mandatory. You now have all the details related to GRE eligibility for Indian students. To further enhance your GRE preparation better, use Yocket GRE prep for a fruitful learning experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Exam Eligibility

Ques: How many attempts are allowed for GRE?

Ans: You are allowed to write the GRE exam up to 5 times. 

Ques: What is the GRE full form?

Ans: GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination.

Ques: What is the GRE exam eligibility age limit?

Ans: There is no set age limit when writing the GRE exam. Students applying for graduate business programs opt to write this exam. 

Ques: Can we give GRE exam after 12th?

Ans: Students write the GRE exam so that they can get admission to the top graduate business institutes globally. Thus it is better to have an undergraduate degree and then apply for the GRE exam. 

Ques: Is GRE tough for Indian students?

Ans: The GRE exam difficulty or easy level depends on how well the students have prepared for the exam.