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GRE Accepting Universities in Canada for MS: GRE Score Required for MS in Canada

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GRE or Graduate Record Examinations is a standardised computer-based test required to get admission to different MS or master's degree programs in Canada. GRE is a compulsory multiple-choice exam for international students studying in Canada for their master's degree. Most of the universities in Canada accept GRE in various business and management disciplines. In addition, a high GRE score for MS in Canada will help students avail various financial aids, student loans, scholarships, and more. 

The GRE score required for Canada varies with different programs. The GRE score solely depends on the GRE accepting universities in Canada for MS, you are applying for. So, stay with us till the end as we help you discover the list of universities accepting GRE scores for MS in Canada, along with other relevant details! 

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Importance of GRE Scores for MS in Canada 

Canada is one of the top choices for international students to study various masters courses. There are various reasons why Canada is a student attraction when it comes to studying abroad, let us know why: 

  • Academic Excellence: Canada is the hub of various prestigious universities in the world. One of the common reasons why students choose to study MS in Canada is the top quality education. All the GRE accepting universities in Canada for MS have a strong focus on providing practical learning. In addition, students get to choose a wide variety of graduate courses which are taught by accomplished teachers and researchers. Thus, Canada is the top choice for students when it comes to quality education.
  • Affordable Cost of Studying: Apart from the latest technology, and research opportunities, the affordable cost of studying for a master's in Canada attracts the majority of students. Canada provides affordable post-secondary programs in various disciplines. 
  • Extensive Research Opportunities: Students who choose to study in Canada get extensive research opportunities in various disciplines. The universities accepting GRE scores in Canada for MS offer both on-campus and off-campus research opportunities. All the universities in Canada offering MS programs provide great support to research in various disciplines like medicine, science and technology, agriculture etc. 
  • International Job Opportunities: All Canadian universities not only provide global recruitment facilities to their students. As a student at a Canadian university, you can work under different international organisations as a part of your internship. In addition, if you obtain a high GRE score for MS in Canada, you can get admission to the top competitive Canadian universities, which will give you exposure to a successful future and high earnings. 

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The main purpose of the GRE score is to measure your readiness and potential for academic success in graduate school. In addition, the GRE score required for MS in Canada differs from university to university; but, it is an easy way to compare students with one another and determine whether they will be able to perform well and manage the course load. 

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List of Top Universities Accepting GRE Scores for MS in Canada 

There are different universities or colleges in Canada that offer master's degrees. Students have to clear the GRE exam to get admission in top competitive Canadian universities. However, not every university in Canada requires a GRE exam; therefore, you have to check the list of universities accepting GRE scores for MS in Canada. The universities that require GRE scores have many specific cut-offs while some universities do not have any minimum GRE score for MS in canada.

Below is the list of universities accepting GRE scores for MS in Canada: 

Top Universities

Required GRE Scores

QS World Rankings 2022

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver 

Verbal: 130 & Above

Quantitative: 155 & Above

Writing: 4.0


University of Toronto, Toronto

Verbal: 140

Quantitative: 150 & Above

Writing: 5.0 & Above


McGill University, Montreal

Verbal: 160 & Above

Quantitative: 160

Writing: 4.0


University of Victoria, Victoria

Verbal: 140

Quantitative: 156

Writing: 4.0


University of Waterloo Waterloo

Verbal: 160

Quantitative: 155

Writing: 4.0 & Above


University of Windsor Windsor

Verbal: 140

Quantitative: 150 & Above

Writing: 5.0 


Queen's University Kingston

Verbal: 160

Quantitative: 150

Writing: 4.0


Dalhousie University Halifax

Verbal: 165

Quantitative: 155

Writing: 5.0


New York Institute of Technology - Vancouver 

Verbal: 130

Quantitative: 150 & Above

Writing: 4.0 & Above


St. Francis Xavier University Antigonish

Verbal: 160

Quantitative: 150

Writing: 4.0


University of Alberta

Verbal: 135 & Above

Quantitative: 155

Writing: 5.0 & Above


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GRE Cut Off for MS in Canada 

The GRE exams are conducted by the Educational Testing Service. The GRE exam has specific rules and guidelines for all the applicants. There are many different universities in Canada that require a high GRE test to get admission in a master's degree program. As stated before, the cutoff requirement or minimum GRE scores depends upon the individual university.

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How is GRE Score Calculated?

Universities Accepting GRE Score 310 to 320

Though most of the Canadian universities have similar minimum marks requirements of the GRE exam, to get admission in the best Canadian universities for a master's degree program you should actively prepare for the GRE exam.

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It is vital to understand all the aspects of the GRE exam like minimum score requirement, which universities accept GRE marks in Canada, scoring schemes, GRE cut off etc., to easily prepare for it without any hassle. Once you understand the minimum GRE score for MS in Canada you will find it a lot easier to achieve your target GRE score. Moreover, to ease your preparation journey we recommend students to get in touch with the Yocket Counsellors today!

Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Accepting Universities in Canada for MS 

Ques. What is the average cost of the GRE exam in Canada? 

Ans. The average cost of the GRE exam in Canada and most of the countries except China, India, and Australia is around USD 205 (15,931 INR)

Ques. What is the minimum GRE score at most of the Canadian universities?

Ans. Most of the Canadian universities have a similar minimum score requirement for GRE exams which is between 300-320 above. However, to get admission in the top Canadian universities for master's degree program students should strive to score above 320. 

Ques. How many sections are there of a GRE exam?

Ans. There are a total of six sections in the GRE exam. However, the students must pay more attention to the first three main sections of the paper which are analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. The other two sections are unscored and research sections do not count towards your score. 

Ques. Does admission to any Canadian university depend only on GRE score?

Ans. The GRE score is one of the various criterias that is taken into account by the admission council. However, a good GRE score can help students avail various financial aid and improves the chances of getting admission in a top Canadian university. 

Ques. What is the highest possible GRE score?

Ans. A top GRE score which a candidate can score is 170 in verbal reasoning, 170 on quantitative reasoning, and 06 on analytical writing.

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