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GRE Accepting Universities in Australia: Is GRE Accepted in Australia?

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GRE score is being recognized in as many as 160 countries across the world. Some of the top-notch universities in countries such as the UK, the USA, and many others accept GRE scores for international students. But when you are applying for Australian universities, you may wonder- “Is GRE accepted in Australia? The answer is yes, the GRE Australia is vital for higher studies.

Students prefer to appear for the GRE for Australia to get hold of the benefits gained on getting qualified. Also, a wide number of universities in Australia consider GRE scores as one of the important eligibility criteria for international students who wish to seek admission to Australian universities.

So, if you are appearing for GRE Australia, you have landed at the perfect p;ace! We will tell you all about the GRE accepting universities in Australia, and a lot more! 

Table of Contents 

  1. Importance of GRE in Australia 
  2. Top GRE Accepting Universities in Australia 
  3. GRE Score Requirements for Australian Universities 
  4. GRE Cut-Off for Specific Programs in Australia 
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Accepting Universities in Australia

Importance of GRE in Australia

A number of students have a major question, is GRE required for Australia? The answer to this question is, yes. While most universities in Australia do not have a fixed mandate that they will require the students to pass the GRE test, if you have scored high in GRE Australia, this can offer you an upper edge in a number of ways.

If you have score well in GRE, your chances of getting into the best universities in Australia increase. Also, students who have scored really well on GRE also get the benefit of scholarships in a number of universities. So, if you are planning to get admission to Australia for your higher studies, appearing in the GRE for Australia is surely going to benefit you.

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Top GRE Accepting Universities in Australia

Whether you are taking up an MS or MBA course, you will need to pass the GRE test. Although not many universities in Australia demand a GRE score. The list below talks about the top GRE accepting universities in Australia: 


Required Score

QS World Ranking 2022

The Australian National University

Verbal- 160

Quantitative- 160

AW- 3.5


The University of Melbourne

Verbal -154

Quantitative- 158

AW- 4.0


University of Sydney

Verbal- 160

Quantitative- 164



University of New South Wales

Minimum Verbal: 148

Quantitative: 156



University of Queensland



Monash University



The University of Western Australia



The University of Adelaide



University of Technology Sydney

305 (optional)


University of Wollongong



University of Tasmania



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GRE Score Requirements for Australian Universities

As GRE is not mandatory in Australia, there are no such specific cut-off marks for the universities here. In fact, it depends upon the universities and they decide the GRE cutoff mark individually for the students who wish to seek admission. So, many individuals may still get confused about- Is GRE required for Australia?

  • On an average, if you score a minimum of 305 on GRE, you can gain admission to the top-most universities in Australia. Of course, there are some other universities too such as The University of Melbourne or The University of New South Wales that require a much higher score on the GRE. For such universities, you may have to score a GRE of 310 and higher.
  • Also, if you are aiming at getting scholarships for your admission to Australian universities, GRE can be quite helpful in this case too. Make sure that you score as high as possible such as a GRE score of at least 315 or higher. This is because the scholarship program is offered to the students who have scored the highest. 

Hence, it does not depend upon a specific score but on the highest score achieved by the applicants that particular year.

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GRE Cut-Off for Specific Programs in Australia

While GRE is not necessary generally to study in the universities of Australia, there are some specific programs for which GRE can be quite beneficial. A number of students each migrate to Australia from different corners of the world due to the wide range of benefits that the country offers to its international students.

So, while you might be getting admission to a reputed GRE Australia university, it is also essential to understand the diversified program options available in the country.

Most students apply for a GRE score for MS in Australia such as MBA and other courses. But there are also many other programs that are available in the country for international students.

  • Accountancy
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Actuarial Science
  • Architecture
  • Core Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Earth Sciences
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Psychology

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So, in place of asking the question, is GRE needed in Australia, an eminent question that you should ask is the courses for which universities entertain GRE in Australia.

Different countries across the world have different rules regarding the acceptance of the GRE and other similar tests for admission to universities. When you ask, is GRE required in Australia, a common answer that you will get is that it is not mandatory.

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So, there is no such hard and fast rule that you can appear in the GRE first in order to seek admission to Australian universities. But if you have appeared in GRE Australia and scored high, then surely you get some benefits while getting admission in the GRE accepting universities in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Accepting Universities in Australia 

Ques. Is GRE helpful in getting admission to Business Schools in Australia?

Ans. Yes, most business schools in Australia accept the admission of international students on the basis of GRE or GMAT test scores.

Ques. What is a decent GRE cutoff in Australia?

Ans. If you are scoring an average of 305 or higher on the GRE, this is considered a decent mark to get admission to the Australian universities.

Ques. Can a GRE score help in getting scholarships in Australian universities?

Ans. Yes, if you score a much higher score such as 330 or more on GRE, the chances of getting scholarships in Australian universities will increase.

Ques. Is GRE mandatory in Australia?

Ans. GRE is usually not mandatory in Australia but it is always a great idea to appear in GRE and send the score to the universities to have an upper edge over other international students.

Ques. Is GRE enough for admission to Australian universities?

Ans. This depends from university to university. While some universities may proceed straight to an interview after seeing your GRE score, there are some other universities that may still ask you to sit for a separate test even if you have a high score on GRE.

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