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Top Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada to Apply in 2023

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Most universities in Canada have English as their language of instruction which is why they make it mandatory for international students to pass an English proficiency test. If you are not applying under SDS to study in Canada rather than a regular stream, Duolingo can be used for admission. Are you aware that there are multiple Duolingo accepted universities in Canada?. These universities consider students who have the minimum Duolingo score for Canada. 

According to the Duolingo website, about 150 Duolingo accepted universities in Canada for Masters. Thus if you’re looking to study in Canada, this blog lists the complete details related to top Duolingo accepted colleges in Canada.

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Why Write a Duolingo Test To Study in Canada? 

There is a reason why Duolingo accepted universities in Canada stand at an all time high. With the pandemic in place, Duolingo has grown to be a preferred choice amongst students applying in Duolingo accepted universities in Canada for Jan 2023, here is why:

  • Cost Effective: Duolingo test costs are 49 CAD which is relatively cheaper than other English proficiency tests. This test caters to tight budgeted students who wish to study abroad on a budget.
  • No Additional Costs: Once you receive your Duolingo test scores, you can send the former to any Duoingo accepted colleges in Canada for free. With other English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, you need to pay a fee of 20 CAD for every university you send that is not a part of your registration.
  • Shorter Test Duration: Duolingo exams are conducted in 1 hour which is the quickest English proficiency exam. On the other hand, English proficiency exams such as IELTS or TOEFL have a maximum of 3 hours test duration. 
  • Test Conducted at Home: Writing IELTS, TOEFL or any other related English language exam for Canada at the test centre was difficult during the pandemic. Thus with Duolingo, international students had the convenience to pass an English language test while sitting at home. So when the results are released, students can immediately apply to Duolingo accepted universities in Canada for 2023. This benefit largely impacted the multiple Duolingo accepted universities in Canada. 

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Top Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada for Bachelors & Masters

There are multiple duolingo accepted universities in Canada for 2023. These universities and colleges accepting Duolingo in Canada are highly ranked and most of their courses, Bachelors and Masters accept a Duolingo test to be given. 

Thus to help you soar through them easily, we have created the below table that lists the top Duolingo accepted universities in Canada for 2023:

University Name

Bachelors (Duolingo Score) 

Masters (Duolingo Score)

University of Toronto

Overall 120

Overall 120

University of Alberta

115 for English proficiency with no sub score below 93

125 Spoken English proficiency with no sub score below 10

115 for English proficiency with no sub score below 93

University of British Columbia

Overall 125


University of Calgary


Level 1- 130 with no sub score below 110

Level 2- 135 with no sub score below 115

University of Ottawa

Overall 120


Top Duolingo Accepted Colleges in Canada for Bachelors & Masters

As the education system is divided into colleges and universities, the requirements for both of them vary. Likewise Duolingo requirements for colleges in Canada differ, listed below are scores for different levels of programs.

University Name

Bachelors (Duolingo Score)

Masters (Duolingo Score)

Centennial College

105- 124


NorQuest College



Seneca College

Minimum 105 to 110

Minimum 125 to 130

Prairie College



Canadore College



Now that you have the Duolingo scores as per the study type, we have shared a brief overview about the popular courses in these Duolingo accepted universities and colleges in Canada.

Canada offers certain unique courses at its universities in addition to those that gain popularity among students. Listed below are popular courses at Canadian universities that accept Duolingo

University Name

Popular Courses

University of Toronto

BSC Nursing

BS Computer

MSC Anthropology

MA Developmental Psychology and Education

University of Alberta

Bachelor of Science with specialization

Bachelor of Science with Engineering

MSC Urban and Regional Planning

MSC Statistics

University of British Columbia

BSC Economics

BSC Computer Science

MSC Craniofacial Science

MSC Experimental Medicine

University of Calgary


B. Tech

Master of Social Work

Master of Science with Physics and Astronomy

University of Ottawa

BA Philosophy Honours

BSC Social Science

MSC Earth Sciences

MA Economics

College Name

Popular Courses

Centennial College

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Information Technology

Diploma in Advanced Business Management

Diploma in Financial Planning

NorQuest College

Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor in Energy Management

Seneca College

Bachelors of Engineering

Honours Bachelor of Commerce- Business Management

Prairie College

Bachelor in Intercultural Studies

Bachelor in Global Social Justice

Diploma in Pastor Ministry with Taylor Seminary

Canadore College

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Social service worker

Diploma in Autism and Behavioural Science

Diploma in Diabetes Education

Alternatives to Duolingo English Test Accepted Colleges in Canada

While Duolingo accepted universities in Canada are present, students also have the choice to opt for other English proficiency tests as well. These English Tests are recognised and accepted by top universities and colleges in Canada. 

Let’s learn the top ones below:

Alternatives to Duolingo

Minimum Score requirement


Overall 6.5, no band less than 6.0


Undergraduate: 80 and above
Postgraduate: 90 and above


Overall 65 ( academics) with minimum 60 in reading, writing, listening, and speaking


Overall 180 with 170 in each component/skill


Overall 70 no band less than 60

You now have the answer to the most common question asked, Is Duolingo accepted in Canada?. As learned above, there are multiple colleges and universities that accept duolingo test in Canada. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that international students are well versed in the language of instruction with the courses they undertake. Now that you have all the essential information about universities accepting Duolingo in Canada, it’s time to explore these top universities and colleges in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions about Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada

Ques. Is Duolingo valid for Canada student visa?

Ans: No, Duolingo is not valid for Canada student visa as currently only IELTS is being accepted here.

Ques. Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

Ans: Both these English proficiency tests cannot be measured on the basis of difficulty as it depends on each student. You need to prepare for Duolingo just like you would prepare for other English tests. 

Ques. How much Duolingo score is required for Canada?

Ans: The minimum score for Duolingo needs to be 120 and above as the score is determined on a scale of 10-160. For colleges accepting Duolingo in Canada, the minimum score required is 115 or based on the university and course choice.

Ques. Is Duolingo certified?

Ans: Once students complete their Duolingo exam, they will receive a certificate once the expected scores are met. 

Ques. Is a passport required for the Duolingo exam?

Ans: Students require a government issued photo ID to write their Duolingo exam.

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