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Tips For Improving In The GRE

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Ramesh: ‘People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.’
Suresh: ‘Individuals who make their abodes in vitreous edifices would be advised to refrain from catapulting perilous projectiles.’ Arre waah Suresh! GRE-wala hai tu!

If you are here, I can see that you are pretty adamant on pursuing your thirst for knowledge *ahem ahem* (Dollars! Dollars!) by doing your Masters. So, here goes one of those many articles on how to ‘ace the exam’, ‘crack it’, ‘kill it’ and what not! NO. I am here to tell you how simple it actually is to get a 325 plus score in the GRE. No need to get your pyjamas in a knot boss.

Know how to improve on GRE with Anirudh

AWA (4/6)

The AWA section is of utmost importance. The universities do look at a cut-off in this section. Do not ignore it! Writing essays can be a huge pain in the bum. But well, we do want the dollars, no?

Gyaan: Write many. Write under test conditions. Review them. Read sample essays and learn. Kill the sms-lingo. Write in English folks!

The Math Section (166/170)

Even for those who feel that MATH is ‘Mental Abuse to Humans’, the GRE is a cake walk. Remember those speed-distance-time sums of 8th grade? That is the GRE syllabus. Pick up any book from the market and practise diligently. You’ve got a +165 in your hand. Refrain from choosing stupid answers. You should not feel the urge of banging your head on the keyboard when you see your mistakes.

To the engineers out there: No decimal points. No imaginary numbers. No calculus, obviously. Too good to be true, heh?

Gyaan: Do the basics well. Practise. Solve. Check. Recheck.

The Verbal Section (161/170)

This section is definitely tricky but a 160 is not impossible. Do your words religiously. It helps. It is irritating. Frustrating. But that’s what the cupcakes are for. Do them. Once you know the meaning everything stops sounding Greek and you can figure the answer out easily!

Using your words in everyday life:

Daunt (verb): to scare
Usage: ‘Oye! Daant dhika ke daunt mat kar mujhe. Mein darne waala nahin hoon’

Seriously guys? Hmpf. Epic fail. *bangs head on wall*

Gyaan: Give as many tests as you can so that you are familiar with all kinds of questions. Read voraciously.

Doing away with all the myths:

1. ‘Arre! She studied for three whole months! 340 toh pakka aa jaayega!’ Nonsense.
The time anyone puts in for the GRE is not a measure of their score! Everyone starts off with different levels of proficiency in Math and English; so the amount of effort cannot be compared! Don’t compare apples and oranges. So, study enough to gain confidence and attempt wisely.

2. ‘Math is the most important section. I can ace Math and scrape through English.’ Fail.
Do all three sections equally and efficiently. You get three DIFFERENT reports, all three of which matter.

3. ‘I got only 318 in my practise tests. I cannot cross a 320 in my GRE.’ Bullshit.
Review your incorrect answer to the practise-test question and learn from it. Stop obsessing over it! It is counterproductive.

4. ‘I’ve studied the whole of last year! So bored with the pattern now.’ Dumbo.
You’ve burnt yourself out! Don't drag out your GRE preparation by starting several months in advance or by postponing the exam to give yourself more time than you really need for preparation.

5. ‘I’ve given many tests… sab ghar pe, television ke saath.’ You’ve wasted your time. Now go to the centre and give it properly.
The timed GRE exam runs at least 3.5 hours. Condition yourself to go the distance by taking at least two or three full-length practice tests straight through, with only a few short breaks. Try to simulate testing conditions as closely as possible.

Be confident. Sleep well. Dig into those cupcakes. Sip the coffee. Don’t get GRE-ed. I sincerely hope that your GRE score accurately reflects your newly acquired, pretentious vocabulary. No sarcasm intended. Or maybe just a little. *smirks*

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Sneha, Guest Writer at Stupidsid, is equipped with a GRE score of 327/340 (Q- 166 and V- 161) a TOEFL score of 120, an aggregate of 73% from DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai University, and a passion in telecommunications. She hopes to work in the R & D department of a reputed university. With two internships in hand and international publications, she is struggling to write a stunning statement of purpose (trying to keep her craziness at bay!) to guarantee her an admission into the top US Universities. A Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a world class program tailored to her interests is what she's looking at. Always ambitious, she hopes to realise her dreams!

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