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Cost of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh: Know Bangladesh MBBS Fees in 2022

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Besides geographical diversity, Bangladesh is home to thousands of international students aspiring to be doctors. It has made a significant impact in terms of education, with numerous medical institutes in Bangladesh offering MBBS courses. Pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh will undoubtedly be a fantastic option for students. Bangladesh is one of the countries where medical students from India, China, and Nepal, among others, come to study. The cost of MBBS at Bangladesh Medical College in Dhaka is not only reasonable, but it also comes with a number of advantages. 

However, it is vital to have complete knowledge about the cost of MBBS in Bangladesh. To assist you in this process, we have covered the complete aspect of Bangladesh MBBS cost.

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What is the Cost of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh?

For students that want to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh, there is a need to have all the information regarding the cost. There are different factors that determine the MBBS course fees in Bangladesh. Apart from the university tuition fees, there are some other factors that are in question. These factors are: 

  • Pre arrival costs that include entrance exam fees, flight fares, medical insurance fees, student visa fees and likewise.
  • Post arrival costs include tuition fees of the university along with the cost of living and some additional expenses.

Pre-Arrival Cost to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Before arriving in Bangladesh, there are some other costs that students will have to go through. 

  • Entrance Exam: The majority of admission examinations are administered by the university to which the students are applying, and they cover courses such as English, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, among others. The cost of the entrance examinations, on the other hand, may vary from one university to the next.
  • Flight Ticket: The flight ticket from Indian to Bangladesh varies according to the airline you are choosing. However, the average ticket price is around USD 169.91/INR 13000.
  • Medical Checkup: Universities supply international students with their health insurance policies and programmes prior to arrival.International students must choose their own insurance coverage at universities that do not offer a school-sponsored plan. The medical checkup cost is USD 6.92/INR 529.50
  • Student Visa Fees: Students need to pay USD 60/ INR 4590.48 as a fee when it comes to the student visa. This student visa is valid for the duration of the course for 5 years.
  • Medical Insurance: Students under the age of 25 should expect to pay anything from USD 30 to USD 140/INR 2295.24/10711.13 per month, depending on the type of service they choose, but the costs grow considerably for older students.

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Post-Arrival Cost to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Onec you arrive in Bangladesh to pursue your MBBS abroad, the two main cost to be incurred is the tuition fees of the university and cost of living in Bangladesh. 

Tuition Fees for Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

The cost of medical courses in Bangladesh is listed in the table below. Students can use this table to get an idea of Bangladesh MBBS fees at various institutions.


Fees in USD /INR

Bangladesh Medical College

USD 45,000/INR 34,34,922

Dhaka National Medical College

USD 48,000/INR 36,63,916

Medical College for Women, Dhaka

USD 43,000/INR 32,82,258

Holy Family Medical College

USD 46,250/INR 35,30,336

Sylhet Women’s Medical College

USD 38,000/INR 29,00,600

You can cover up the cost of studying by applying to various scholarships to study in Bangladesh

Cost Of Living In Bangladesh For MBBS Students

In comparison to the majority of the countries, the cost of living MBBS in Bangladesh is quite low. Tuition and living expenses along with transportation are provided in the list below. Students can also get some help from the scholarship offered by the University for MBBS courses which will help them in limiting the costs a little bit.


Cost in USD/INR

Accommodation cost

Approx 20,000 INR /USD 262pm


Approx 2,000 INR /USD 26.28pm

Miscellaneous expenses

Approx 2,500 INR /USD 32.86 pm

Bangladesh is an under-appreciated MBBS study destination with numerous advantages. The country offers quality medical education at the lowest possible cost, especially for Indian students. Connect with Yocket professionals to know more about the admission process and eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Ques. What are the MBBS Courses offered in Bangladesh?

Ans. Medical colleges in Bangladesh offer MBBS in General Medicine, Dentistry, Paediatrics, Nursing, and others.

Ques. Is NEET required for MBBS in Bangladesh?

Ans. Yes, the minimum NEET qualifying score is required to earn a seat in Bangladesh Medical College's MBBS program.

Ques. What is the overall cost of MBBS in Bangladesh?

Ans. For the 5 years of MBBS course, the overall cost is around USD 48,000.

Ques. Is the MBBS degree in Bangladesh valid?

Ans. Yes, the MBBS degree in Bangladesh is completely valid in India as it is being recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Ques. What is the Eligibility of MBBS in Bangladesh?

Ans. 10+2 PCB with English, NEET score and valid passport.

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