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Yocket (Avocation Educational Services Pvt Ltd) started off in February 2015 as a partner product of Stupidsid to help students who wish to pursue masters abroad. Since then, Yocket has been the quintessential ‘study abroad’ partner for lakhs of students. Our mobile application and web interface have become the constant companion of students applying abroad. With our services now branching out to diverse fields of study in multiple countries, Yocket is set to become the number one destination to guide students in planning, managing and executing their dream of pursuing studies abroad.


Our Services

Our services cater to every need that a student will have in the process of deciding to study abroad. Right from being clueless and interested in studying abroad to leaving for your dream University, we have it all covered under one umbrella - Yocket!

Profile and Test Prep

Anxiety about tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS can be harrowing. Yocket makes sure that you find support during your test taking journey.

  • Profile Builder: Build your profile to understand where you stand among thousands of other students applying abroad. Message fellow Yocketers through your profile to clear doubts or share information.

  • Articles: Find comprehensive articles written by experts about almost everything that you need to know about your journey to your dream University abroad. Find tips, tricks, suggestions and resources to crack exams here.

  • Discussions: The articles and blogs didn't clear your doubts? No problem. Participate in discussions with peers or just read through existing ones to clear any additional doubts that you might have about anything and everything!

  • Interactive sessions: Participate in regular webinars and events hosted by experts to get your exam/application related doubts cleared at the comfort of your home.

  • Notifications: Get notified about latest deadlines, important dates, upcoming events and information about studying abroad.


Pre-Application: University shortlisting

Now that you’ve taken your tests and ready to dive into the ‘process’ of applying to Universities, we’ve got it all the information organized for you.

  • Course descriptions: Find the right course for yourself with the help of our detailed course descriptions. Find the best Universities where the course is available.

  • University reviews: Want to understand what the University of your choice is like? Head to the University Reviews tool- it allows you to access detailed, honest and accurate information about Universities around the world. What's more? You can add country, course, rank, type and other filters to find the perfect match for yourself.

  • University deadlines: Stay updated with the approaching course wise deadlines for Universities so that you don't miss out on your favourite University.

  • Grad school finder: Get your profile evaluated to get an elaborate list of Ambitious, Realistic and Safe Universities for Masters abroad based on your Profile, Field of Interest & test scores using our unique tool.

  • University comparer: A comprehensive rating about the Universities on noteworthy parameters can easily narrow down an applicants' choice from the pool of universities. The university comparer helps in making informed decision about universities

  • Similar profiles: Find profiles similar to yours and connect with peers to increase the value of your application.   


Application: Transcripts, Admits, rejects, Visa and I-20

Congratulations! You’re closer to getting there- to your dream University. Yocket will now help you to put in place and process the necessary documents, one by one.

  • Sending transcripts: Use Yocket to send your transcripts to your University. It is safe, hassle free and trusted. Our services are powered by DHL and FedEx.

  • Admits and rejects: Connect with students who have applied for the same university and course as yours. Find admits, rejects and final selections at your fingertips!

  • Loan assistance: Find specialised loan providers on Yocket and get connected to them instantly.

  • Visa and I-20: Prepare for your Visa Interview with Yocket Discussions and articles, read past experiences and get your doubts cleared about the I-20.


Pre Departure

Pay your University fee, select from among insurance schemes and buy the essential Forex card. Oh yes, now you fly! 

  • Insurance assistance: Get access to student health and travel insurance plans provided by the top providers covering all the university requirements.

  • Forex card: Student Forex card is the cheapest mode to pay for your expenses in any foregin currency (even before you have a VISA). It lets you pay for all your academic expenses right from the GRE to the SEVIS fees to all your day-to-day expenses abroad. Get a Forex card delivered to your doorstep and spend hassle-free. No extra credit card fees or stupid payment limits.


We have assisted 100+ Universities across the globe. This gives aspirants the flexibility to choose which country they want to opt for.

Aspirants who have taken our services are happy in their education abroad dream destinations and we have over 1000 placements of students in all sorts of Universities, all around the world.


Yocket keeps everything transparent so if you want to check out our users’ average GRE scores, you can do that as well. It’s all about providing value via this platform.


We have grown a lot not just on the website front but as soon as the Yocket app was launched we have had a terrific attraction with more than 227,000 app users & downloads.


Yocket has 8636 official University groups wherein aspirants meet like-minded aspirants who have applied to the same university as they have.

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