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6 Tips For GRE Success

Vineel Chandra

NOTE: The views/statistics presented below are indicative. Opinions and experiences may vary from person-to-person.

Need some guidance to tackle the GRE? Below are some tips which help you to crack it.

Take a preparatory courseThe test is specially designed to differ from areas of study in college and is supposed to test the candidates’ critical thinking skills, not necessarily what they learned in school.

Do a tough English course: Even if you are not planning to write an American novel, take a course because English is the integral part of GRE, helps you in tackling the essay-part of analytical section.

Enduring a high-level writing course might put a small dent in the GPA of non-english majors, but is an immense help in two timed essays on the pressure-packed GRE.

Go back to high school:  Missed the important classes of Pythagoras? Having trouble differentiating Y-axis with respect to X? Many GRE aspirants forget the basics of high-school math, which play a crucial role in the quantitative section of the test. So, it’s important to revise all the concepts you’ve learned in the past.

Sleep with your Dictionary: Test takers who slept through their English classes may be in danger!

Experts suggest, expand your vocabulary as much as possible in your school-time. You can find unfamiliar words in the test, do not worry, dictionary is your friend during preparation.

Take a practice test: Half of the story is done if you have perfect vocabulary and flawless writing skills. Remaining half is- Experience the GRE before the GRE. Feel the pressure and face the unconventional format of the test. Completeness of your preparation comes only with mock tests. Free computer-adaptive tests are available online that really help stimulate what a foreign experience is!

Don’t like your score? Take it again: For some students, GRE also stands for GRADUATE REPEATING EXAM. Schools consider any of the GRE scores you've taken in the last five years, but experts claim that many universities only care about the best one. While this isn't true for all schools and all programs, many pull the highest scores they receive from ETS. The rumor is that, the admission officials may only see the highest math and highest verbal!

Success is like the top-most point of a mountain, while failure is like climbing it. Failure becomes success when you learn from it.

All the best!


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