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Tips For GRE Preparation by Kritika (321/340)

Vineel Chandra
2 mins read

How was the center?

Awful. There was no discipline at all. The surrounding was too much noisy. Moreover, the AC wasn’t working, and no lockers were provided. But there is no place for the word “distraction” if you are busy with the word “concentration”. Thus, I didn’t bother much about the center.

How was the test?

I got verbal as the experimental section. The first section was pretty simple, there were no difficult words. But there was one long RC, on which I spent more time than required. Hence, I fell short of time and had to mark two questions randomly.

To my surprise, the second verbal section was also easy. This time, RCs were not tough.

Then came the last section. The words were difficult and one particular RC was hard. Moreover, by then, I had started to lose my cool, which led to no time left to even read the last RC, ended up marking three questions randomly.

Quant: Few problems were lengthy with complex wording, in both the sections. Apart from that, there was nothing that was vexing.

I realized that I failed in time management. I did not have time left to solve even a single DI problem. I was able to barely look at the graphs.

How much time had you spent on preparation?

With proper planning, my preparation time was around one and half month.

Is coaching required?

Personally, I think that unless you have really weak concepts, there is no need of a coaching center. They are over hyped. I had joined one; it mainly helped in forming a routine in the beginning. That’s all, I regret joining it.

In the end, your skills, and how much effort you have put on, are the only things that matter.

Study material followed?

I read the Princeton Guide, and the official ETS guide. I also followed the strategies of Kaplan book. Also, I’ve done RCs from various sources, to get used to the pattern of questions.

Mock tests?

I gave four Princeton tests. My score was between 322 and 325 in all of them.

Your Quick tips for GRE takers?

Handle your time well. If you are stuck on a question, just mark it and come back to it later.

Practice a lot of RCs.

Don’t be stressed before the exam, it never helps. Stay relaxed. Write the test with a free mind.



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